Resilience art exhibition Rosebed Gallery Eudlo Autralia Qld

Resilience art exhibition Rosebed Gallery Eudlo, Autralia Qld

It has been a while since the last exhibition I took part of but I am very excited about this one as again it is for the cause of Japan 2011 tsunami disaster.

It is called “Resilience” and it starts on Wednesday 7 September until 23 October 2011. The opening night is on Friday 9th September at 6.30pm.
The gallery is open everyday from 10am to 4pm except Monday and Tuesday. For more info about the gallery and the exhibition click here.

In Art as in Life, resilience is an essential skill to develop. In this exhibition we pay tribute to the ability of humanity and nature to endure, overcome, and renew. This year especially we have witnessed the resilience of those who experienced floods, cyclones, earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear disasters. We are inspired by the Japanese proverb – Nana korobi, ya oki – Fall down seven times, get up eight times.

Twenty-eight artists have come together to create the exhibition ‘Resilience’. Each of the artworks in this exhibition is dedicated to a form of resilience whether it is that of a mother to be strong for her children – the earth to recover from man’s interference – the ability to keep going after suffering loss of loved ones – recovering from the forces of nature – or resilience of an artist to continue to create. This is our prayer for recovery and strength and renewal.

Artists of Resilience:
Andrew Bath – graphic design • Brenton Schwab – painting • Chris Kelder – painting • Christine Elcoate – mixed media/textiles • Harold Tilton – painting • Hetty Doyle – painting • Jack Tindall – photography • Jandamarra Cadd – painting • Jane Welsh – painting/sculpture • Joyce McKee – textiles (Japanese embroidery) • Kay Watanabe – printmaking • Kay Gilmour – clay sculpture • Kym Nelson – painting • Laetitia Hoffmann – printmaking/textiles • Linda Cooper – painting • Louise Rottier – mixed media/sculpture • Maya Carter-Malins – painting • Mother Maria/Katie Gannon – textiles/Mother Maria fashion label • Obarajun – clothing & jewellery design (from Japan) • Rika Tsuchida – painting • Robyn Woodrow – painting/photography • Stephen Roberts & Kari – collaborative ceramics installation • Susie Blue – photography/digital design • Suzy Furness – textiles, (weaving) • Tania Murray – ceramics/mixed media/photography • Terry McKenna – printmaking (from Kyoto) • Victoria Bradbury – painting

Rosebed St. Gallery Eudlo Australia Qld Resilience exhibition

Rosebed St. Gallery Eudlo Australia Qld Resilience exhibition

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